If you need chiropractic table service or repair, we can help.

Chiropractic Table Service and Repair

At Chiropractic Consignment, we are a full service company. Not only do we sell new and used chiropractic tables and chiropractic supplies, we also provide technical support and on site chiropractic table service and repair.

Chiropractic table service is recommended every 6 months. This table service includes a complete inspection of your table as well as doing any maintenance that is required. This may include tightening bolts, cleaning and re-applying lubrication to moving areas, and installing new drops springs.

Chiropractic table repair is for those times when your chiropractic table just isn’t working. Just let us know what your chiropractic table is or isn’t doing, so that we can be as prepared as possible before we leave to take care of your chiropractic table repair.

We cover many other areas for chiropractic table service and repair.

All Other Areas for Service

We mainly cover the Atlanta area and areas north.

Georgia Chiropractic Service

We cover the entire state of Alabama doing chiropractic table service.

Alabama Chiropractic Service

Chiropractic Table Service Areas

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